Our story

The focus of the project is based on the traditional textile printing blocks and their development, how the technique can be used today in its realms with sustainable materials, mainly wood.

Linoleum carving and screen printing took over block printing through the years and the project is looking into bringing back the use of wooden blocks, integrating the currently available new techniques like laser cutting. The idea is to be able to create the same patterns produced by various methods and observe the possibilities, opportunities and limitations that the given materials and processes present.

Block Print Evolution is a co-operation with textile artist Ellen Odin, the first chairwoman of KKV Textiltryck in Malmö (textile printing workshop), who has been working with block printing since the 1950’s. She played an important role as chairwoman in establishing the artistic development of textile printing in Malmö.

Through showing Ellen’s work and the new ways of working with wood, the traditional value of the technique gets a new life and new look, but the techniques basis stays the same.